The Lord Mayor of Liverpool has give a ‘transformational’ retail development being built by Larnook in Toxteth her seal of approval following a site visit.

Cllr Anna Rothery, in whose ward the development sits, visited the ground-breaking shipping container development to view progress ahead of its official opening at the end of summer.  Commenting on the project, for client CanCo, the Lord Mayor said:

“This is an exciting scheme that provides space for local people to try out new ideas or launch their new business. By giving more people reasons to shop locally it can only help the Toxteth economy. It will also attract additional visitors to the area to spend money with the wide range of retailers, cafes and restaurants that occupy the length of Lodge Lane.  We have a diverse and exciting cultural offer and this scheme will help showcase it further.”

Commenting on the visit, Larnook managing director Chris Evans said:

“It’s not every day we get a visit from the Lord Mayor of Liverpool and we were delighted with her reaction to the project and the quality of our work.”

Local property specialist Yas Alawi of Lodge Lane-based New Era Property has been retained by the developer as letting agent and he says interest in the units is ‘incredibly high’.

“We’re offering easy in, easy out licences to help reduce the risk for local people who want to try new formats or launch new product ranges or even make the first step on the road to business success,” said Mr Alawi.

As part of plans to widen the community’s involvement famous local poet and story-teller Levi Tafari has hosted a series of workshops with local people, with excerpts from their stories and poems set to adorn the side of the most prominent containers.

Fourteen insulated containers of 150 square feet each will be available with glazed frontages facing Lodge Lane at its junction with Grierson Street.  The brightly-painted containers, some stacked two high, will offer a striking, modern frontage.