The skyline of Lodge Lane in Toxteth changed forever this week when engineers and builders from Larnook lowered two architectural containers into place to mark progress on CanCo’s transformative retail scheme.

The units, which will be the focal point for movie projections and an evolving programme of local poetry, were skilfully lowered into place and secured before the site was shut down. Work is now underway to assess how Larnook can safely accommodate the risk posed by the corona virus.

“It looks like magic but, of course, there are some very clever engineering calculations in place to make this work,” said Chris Evans, Larnook managing director.

“Whilst it’s great to reach this milestone, our most important consideration now is the safe working environment of our team. We’re reviewing how we can continue the project with the full support of our client and with government guidelines firmly in mind. Until we have reached a conclusion the site will remain closed.”

The development, which will be Liverpool’s first container retail park along the lines of London’s famous Boxpark in Shoreditch, is being developed by London-based CanCo and will offer 14 retail units on easy-in, easy-out terms. Local entrepreneurs are being given priority in the lettings programme.